Aim & Focus Karate portraits at Mt. Bonnell in Austin, TX

My son is a red belt at Aim & Focus Karate….now I’m wondering if I should capitalize the title of ‘RED BELT.’ Honestly, I’m proud of him so I’m going to say it SHOULD definitely be capitalized! Anyway, Master Ben Johnson (Max’s Sa Bom Nim) has a few great shots of himself ‘in action’ taken at Mt. Bonnell. You can see one shot on his web site:

I thought it would be fun to take Max (my baby) & 2 other Red Belts (very near & dear to  my heart) to Mt. Bonnell for some fun shots of them practicing their Tang Soo Do forms, kicks, etc. I have to say that this would have been 100 Xs easier with an adult or with a Black Belt (did you notice I capitalized Black Belt?).  It’s hard to explain to young ones to look fierce & hold your kick higher while remembering proper form.  Needless to say we had a great time & I have some great shots that have made both sets of parents extremely happy. Enjoy!


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