Commercial Photography meets Beagles baby!

Shock..I was in shock when I received the call that a Texas Advertising Agency wanted to use me as their professional photographer for their Fina ad campaign! What a feeling…thrilled!! The search began…to find the perfect beagle for the campaign. I put my feelers out & quickly photographed 3 beautiful beagles. They were all so much fun. One actually clapped with his paws…adorable! Another had the most amazing ears…like velvet! I could have taken him home with me! The youngest beagle, a puppy named Zeke, was selected. Now the real fun begins…Zeke was a live wire! He had so much energy that we were working hard to get the needed shots. It was a blast!! His baby teeth were so sharp..wowsers! Zeke and I will always be BFFs. AND his owners are just as amazing as he is!! Here are a few of my sweet beagle friends & one of the completed ads–enjoy!

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