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Naomi & Cole’s wedding day bliss

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

As a photographer how can you NOT get attached to your brides? I absolutely love Naomi.  I told her I’d try to *not* cry at her wedding…I was in professional mode so there were no tears, but looking back over the photos does make me tear up a bit! The day was perfect. The location: Star Ranch  Golf Course was amazing. She was gorgeous & Cole was in rare form! I was honored to photograph their wedding.


Wiggans Ties the Knot!

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

A lot of people wondered if this day would come…the ultimate bachelor said, ‘I do.’ I was there to witness & photograph the occasion.  My husband & Mark have been friends since meeting at the University of North Texas. They are more like brothers than friends. They’ve raced several cycling races together, spent countless nights out on the town together & now share their ‘adult lives’ accompanied by amazing women. It would take an amazing woman to get either of these boys to the alter 😀 Kudos Katheryn! You were a beautiful bride!

I’ve decided to not post the photo of Nick in the back of the crowd sitting like Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump…it is my favorite from the day! I will enjoy that one in the privacy of my own home while keeping my husband’s machismo in tact. Enjoy a few pics from their nuptials.

Austin Wedding

Friday, July 30th, 2010

I received an interesting email from a friend of mine…one of our ‘nation’s protectors’ was spontaneously getting married at Mt. Bonnell in Austin, TX & needed some help. Would I mind photographing the occasion for them? I’m always up for photography fun so I said ‘yes.’ PLUS having the opportunity to give back to one of our men & women who defend our freedom–let’s do it! Then…I get another message that the wedding is going to be a bit unique. Elvis (yes I said Elvis-The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll)  would be officiating the wedding ceremony. Now I’m a bit nervous about this…but it could be interesting between the groom in his Army ‘blues’ and Elvis leading the ceremony. It was perfect! Austin had 2 straight days of rain & as the time of the wedding approached…the clouds parted & the sun came out to smile on this glorious event. Elvis & his wife (not Priscilla) were so great-I would call this guy if you need Elvis for anything!