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My first trip to the ‘Big Apple’ by Mindy Ravines Photography

Thursday, July 9th, 2015

Where do I begin?!? I refuse to start with the first day of our trip because that’s just sooooo not my style. I’m a spontaneous gal….for instance Monday night at 12:30 (okay so technically it was Tuesday morning) we were sitting in our hotel room at the Westin Hotel at Times Square and a thought came to mind….’how does one go about getting tickets to see Live with Kelly & Michael?’ Quickly I used the iNtErWeB & had tickets waiting for me inside my inbox. WHAT?!? Now it wasn’t a guarantee that we would get IN, but still I was a wee-bit excited. I casually asked the ladies (Joyce & Dawn), “Would anyone like to see Live with Kelly & Michael?” Dawn jumped up & down like a mad woman saying, “YES, YES, YES!!” I was thrilled she shared my love of spontaneous adventures…we had to be there, in line at 7am….yikes! We made it, we were assured we would get in (even though we sat there worrying the ENTIRE time!). We met a delightful young couple in line with us that we causally suggested ‘marriage’ ASAP….they were like Bert & Ernie, chocolate chips cookies & milk (a perfect match!). Guess what?! We got in & no sooner did Dawn have to pee….seriously?!?! What was she thinking? We HAD to get inside ASAP to see the set, to see what was next….nope, she had to pee.  Guess what else?!? Because she had to pee we ended up getting the LAST 2 seats on the FRONT ROW RIGHT by the band AND by the door that Kelly & Michael came out of….wow if the sweet Lord wasn’t looking out for us I don’t know who was!! Did I mention I USED to watch Live with Regis & KL…I can’t even type her name…seriously I was not a fan. BUT I did love Regis. Who couldn’t love that guy? Anyway, I remember when Kelly was announced as the new co-host. I watched them religiously until my 2nd baby was born….life got crazy with a toddler & newborn. NOTHING was predictable in my house! When my husband suggested naming our daughter Lola I actually paused & thought ‘we can’t do that because that’s Kelly’s daughter’s name.’ Yep, I know what you’re thinking….seriously!?!?! Like you’ll ever meet Kelly Ripa!!! Guess what?! I did!!! I actually spewed ‘I have a LOLA TOOOO’ as my seat neighbor took our photo together. I’m 100% certain that she thinks I’m a total stalker. I am most certainly not a stalker. We had the time of our lives….I made the older gentleman next to me a wee-bit nervous when I started nudging him/dancing when American Authors came on…Sometimes I do think I should implement a filter, but seriously there’s just too much to contain! Here are a few pics….did I forget to mention we saw/Dawn touched HUGE Jackman? Yep, totally drooled all over the place. Slightly embarrassed by it all, but it’s not like I’ve ever seen an amazing actor before so I feel like there’s some wiggle room, forgiveness there right?!? ALMOST forgot we ate at the Tavern on the Green–which I have to mention *here* because I used to love hearing Regis talk about it….it was everything I needed to experience and then some! Our waiter was from Katy, TX—-where my baby girl was born! Our food was to die for & I snapped a photo or two with my phone…I’m THAT girl…sorry/not sorry AT ALL! XOXO *FYI my photo of me/Dawn/Kelly Ripa was horrible of everyone except Kelly….


kelly michael66kelly michael67kelly michael80Me & Michael StrahanDSC_0033_2658hugh jackmankelly michael34DSC_0033_2658Michael & Dawn Me & Michael Strahankelly michael66

Beautiful Brooke at Mayfield Park in Austin, TX by Mindy Ravines Photography

Friday, August 1st, 2014

Brooke is 6yrs old….It overwhelms me with emotion to see how much she has grown since we met (around 4 years ago). She traded in her building blocks for shiny shoes & ‘blue sparkle rainbow unicorns…..’

Being a girl, having a girl gets complicated. I love each & every pose Megan Brooke threw at me. Her playful personality shines through! XOXO


P.S. I threw in a random photo of one of the peacocks. Did you know people come by bus loads to see the peacocks?!? Straight up witnessed it….

megan _01 megan _09 megan _15 megan _21 megan _23 megan _25 megan _38 megan _40 megan _51 megan _75 megan _81 megan _88 megan _94

Birthday portraits by Mindy Ravines Photography

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014


I’m amazed looking at these photos….she looks so grown up…and she’s only 10 years old! She is mature for her age & holds herself well (meaning: her poses were captured here-her poses/her style). Here are my favorites…beautiful young lady that my son referred to as ‘beautiful!’ Oh dear…..

anisa is ten005 anisa is ten007 anisa is ten015 anisa is ten029 anisa is ten035 anisa is ten037 anisa is ten041 anisa is ten045 anisa is ten047 anisa is ten050 anisa is ten065 anisa is ten067 anisa is ten082

Holiday portraits by Mindy Ravines Photography

Monday, January 20th, 2014

Holiday portraits are my favorite! Everyone is dressed up & excited about the holidays. Mom is thrilled to get everyone together, done A LOT of work getting everyone scrubbed & looking their best, and has everyone bribed to the fullest to be on their best behavior 😀 Been there…done that! Plus I absolutely love the fact that I get to see the final product….the creative holiday cards that are the end result of a lot of effort. I get so excited handling each & every card to see the magic that lies hidden in each festive envelope. As a photographer I do honor my clients wishes to keep his/her session photos hidden until they have a chance to get their cards in the mail…that said…it’s torture for me! I want to blog immediately because I love each & every face I see on my computer screen! I am the luckiest girl alive to get to capture moments that fill my heart with such joy!

Each face *here* warms my heart. These children have been a part of my life since, well…since they were in the womb. I’ve seen  such amazing transformations from adorable, super chunky thighs…to the super intelligent young people they are today. I love to look back in my wonderful ‘mind rolodex’ of images of each of them  as babies & compare them to today’s look….Lucy still has her amazing curls! Wyatt’s smile is still super infectious. Sean’s once shy personality is now ever so charming…Serena’s love for her children is evident in each hug…she is an outstanding mother! When her babies are married & discussing their childhood…..their photos will say it all….mom played with them & was in love with them more & more with each passing day.  Thanks for letting me be a part of your family memories. XOXO

townsend 1_028townsend 1_003townsend 1_083aaneed in colortownsend 1_008ktownsend 1_100htownsend 1_103townsend 1_118ktownsend 1_121townsend 1_122htownsend 1_163townsend 1_180townsend 1_217h

Santa Claus came to A-town! by Mindy Ravines Photography

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

My little darling asked, “Does Santa ever bring puppies for Christmas?” My response, “Good question. All I know is that I never received a puppy from Santa Claus.” All the while knowing that this Christmas Santa would deliver the best gift ever! I was giddy with delight to see my little one’s excited faces to appear down the staircase. The look of complete & utter awe. The squeals of delight…I couldn’t wait! Both kids lost their minds for 5 seconds…then the fighting began, “Let me hold him!” After they each had ample cuddle time & the pup passed out from too much cuddling we all went back to bed. Thank goodness for naps because having a puppy is a lot like having a newborn baby. He was hungry, needed outside to pee, & back to sleep before I knew it. This cycle went on ALL NIGHT LONG. I was Christmas pooped! Too much Christmas fun & excitement. He’s 8 weeks old now & sleeping through the night! We take him on 2 walks a day to make sure he gets his exercise (aka make sure he sleeps through the night). We do not allow him in the neighbor’s yards or dog parks…he’s too young & susceptible to parvo. “Hank-the-Cowdog” is growing to love the little pup.

I asked Santa to send me any photos he had of the sweet boy prior to joining our family here in Austin, TX. He sent a few photos of him from one week old-3weeks old (that’s my story & I’m stickin’ to it!!!). Lola likes to sing Roscoe ‘jingle bells’ & other songs he probably heard while living at the North Pole. Little minds blow me away sometimes! She’s so in love with her little Roscoe! Thanks Santa for the special delivery XOXO

One week old

One week old

Sure you can use me as a pillow

Sure you can use me as a pillow

I LOVE this!!

I LOVE this!!

Wish I could take them all home with me!!!

Wish I could take them all home with me!!!

Uhhh, is that a dog on your couch?

Uhhh, is that a dog on your couch?

Ole blue eyes

Ole blue eyes

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!



Why, yes...that is a dog on my couch.

Why, yes…that is a dog on my couch.

Sleep much?

Sleep much?

Easter portraits with Bunny “Nutmeg!” by Mindy Ravines Photography

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

A good friend of mine asked if I would be interested in photographing his daughter with her bunny for Easter. He mentioned it to 2 other friends and we instantly had a mini portrait session lined up for Easter. The bunny & children were adorable!

I could easily have taken any of them home & introduced them to my family as theirs. My children would prefer Nutmeg….who wouldn’t want a pint sized bunny to snuggle with? Megan is one lucky girl to have Nutmeg to cuddle with–thanks for sharing Nutmeg with us Miss Megan! XOXO



Family Portraits in Georgetown, TX by Mindy Ravines Photography

Monday, March 11th, 2013

First let me say that neither Monica nor I live in Georgetown, but sometimes a location speaks to you. In fact I want…wait…I *need* to shoot in Salado, TX sometime in the near future…..I saw a location I must use!

Anywho, Monica contacted me for a family portrait session & I had a location in mind. She was up for the drive…believe it or not NOT every Austinite is up for the 20 minute drive to Georgetown for a fun, colorful location.

Monica’s boys are a hoot! They were so much fun & loved the location. We did some fun shots of the boys, let them throw some rocks in the water (what boys doesn’t like that?) & then they invited me to dinner….I SOOO wanted to go. It’s hard to say no to such a sweet invitation, but I was supposed to meet my family at my MIL’s house….maybe I’ll get another invitation from the boys 😀 next shoot-maybe!

Little Miss! Infant portraits by Mindy Ravines Photography

Friday, February 15th, 2013

The sweetest thing arrived in December of 2012.

I met Shannon in 1998….she knew then that if she had a baby girl she would name her Lily. She & Travis opted to NOT know what the sex of the baby was….What?!?! Who does that?!!!! And Why?!?! I was the kid who secretly opened her Christmas gifts with a letter opener & then taped them closed so NO ONE would know. Sorry Dad & Brenda….

Needless to say, I was completely frustrated not knowing the sex of her baby 😀 I love to shop for baby clothes as gifts & waiting to shop was hard! In fact as soon as I received the text “Baby Lily has arrived!” Guess where I went? Gymboree. They have the cutest baby clothes.

Back to Lily: She is the sweetest thing. Perfect in every way!  She was a doll during our photo session. When I arrived she was asleep on grandma’s chest….adorable! I’m in love & dying to see her again…they grow so fast! My baby girl can’t wait to meet & hold Lily…she loves her too & hasn’t even met her yet! Love is such a wonderful thing!


Family Portraits in Austin, TX by Mindy Ravines Photography

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Occasionally families come to me with a vision: “I want our family portrait session to take place on XYZ bridge (I’ve lived in Austin for 15 years now & still don’t know the names of our bridges=bad Austinite!).” I’m a smart & very resourceful girl so I researched the location & made it happen.  I love that some people know the “look” they want for their portrait session. I also love the creative freedom to develop my own ideas/vision for a session too. That said….Jessica knew what she wanted & we hit the ground running. There were a lot of locations along Town Lake she was interested in & with limited light we had to move quickly. Here are a few images from our time together:

Newborn portraits of baby Margot by Mindy Ravines Photography

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!! I have been away from my professional life for 3 weeks….visiting family & skiing in Breckenridge, CO. Both trips were amazing! Christmas day we had HUGE snowflakes in Fort Worth-it was magical! The mountains in Colorado were breathtaking. What an awesome way to spend the holidays!!

Back to reality: This is baby Margot! Isn’t she wonderful?! Pregnant women typically create a ‘birth plan.’ My birth plan didn’t exactly ‘pan out’ & most women’s birth plans do not. Her sweet momma went into a ‘quick’ labor & did not receive an epidural (most women are okay with the thought of reducing their discomfort). I mention this because this is my first experience with an amazingly alert newborn baby! We did get a few shots of her dozing off to sleep, but most of her time was spent with her beautiful blue eyes perky. She was adorable, super cuddly, and a wonderful present for their family!