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Austin Makes a Book! And I’m in it!!!

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

A friend of mine…a good friend of mine (deal with it Steph!) told me about a cool concept for a fundraiser benefiting the ‘Room to Read program’ here in Austin, Austin Makes a Book. I was intrigued & the next thing I new…I was ‘in!’ Whew….me…Mindy Ravines….Mindy Ravines Photography….published in a book! How cool is that? Take a look 😀 I’m so proud! AND Phenix & Phenix raised $1,400 to assist children in need via the ‘Room to Read’ program! Thanks for thinking of me Steph-‘preciate ya!

A special lady and sweet Grandma…

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Recently my 96 yr old Grandma passed away. I’m happy that she gets to be with her husband & daughter in heaven, but I will miss her so much! Her home in Arkansas holds so many memories for me. As a child we would spend the summers there frolicking in the country: feeding the catfish in the pond with my grandpa (& fishing of course), picking blackberries that grew on both sides of the dirt road that led to ‘grandma’s house,’ catching turtles that my sister would release from the home I built for them (although she would act like they escaped-I was too young & naive to know what she was up to), working in the numerous gardens GM & GP would create (at one time they had 6 large gardens going at one time). This is where I learned to love fried okra…and salads with avocado (a must for every salad).  Then there’s the trips to the diamond mine with my grandpa. Despite the Arkansas summertime heat we would go for hours sifting through dirt to find a diamond in the rough (I have a tiny diamond I found there with my grandpa’s help). On one of our trips to the diamond mine my grandpa was interviewed for National Geographic World magazine. I will keep the magazine forever (I need to have it protected so my kids can enjoy it). My grandpa knew what he was doing at the mine & found some keepers! Those were good times that made life carefree & fun! My grandma’s house was so new when I was little. My dad’s room had red (more of a brownish red) carpet-we called it the red room, my Aunt Meredith’s room had green carpet-the green room (which gave me night mares for some reason) & my Aunt Linda’s room had yellow carpet-the yellow room w/the annoying HUGE light outside of the window that kept me awake at night…my sister & I always slept in my Aunt Linda’s room. The bed itself seemed so big back then…after seeing the same bed as an adult I wondered how 2 kids manged to stay on the bed for 8 hours straight! Grandma would always make us wash our feet before bed time (regardless of us *just* taking a bath) she wanted to ensure clean feet slid into the sheets at night. Not a bad thing & I still do it from time to time. I was baptised there in Arkansas at the ‘pot-hole.’ How country is that?! The pot-hole was a hot swimming spot & also a good location for those accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord & Savior. My grandpa passed away in ’01 and my grandma pressed on. The strength of that woman amazes me. She lived by herself this whole time with my cousin, Mike, coming in every weekend to stay & check on her. Even last month when we visited for Father’s Day she cooked her famous German Chocolate Cake &  tons of other items. Breakfast was always an ordeal. She would make biscuits & bacon & then ask each person ‘how they liked their eggs?’ She would also have oatmeal or cream of wheat as a back up…amazing how she would go out of her way for her family. I always tried to help her out, but felt like I was interrupting her process. After all…she’d been into this routine for years! Her sense of humor would totally catch me off guard…like the time she brought up sex at the dinner table. She was also know for informing family members if they were getting too much ‘junk in the trunk.’ if people aren’t aware of the change themselves? My absolute favorite was when I was pregnant with Max. I gained ~40 lbs & was HUGE. Towards the end of my pregnancy she thought she *should* inform me that ‘there was no way I would get a baby through those hips!’ A huge fear of mother’s-to be is ‘please don’t let me have a c-section’ & I want this thing out, but not ‘that way!’ I was so proud to prove her wrong-my hips are fine. I’m so thankful that she got to hold my babies, rock them to sleep (which every grandma loves), AND my kids are now 5 & 7yrs old so they will always remember her & love her as I do. Who could ask for more?

I will miss our phone calls…her letters to me (with such amazing handwriting at 96 yrs of age-she would complain that it wasn’t legible, but it was so great!), & our trips to her house in Arkansas. Before she passed away she did tell me ‘I’ll see you in heaven.’ She will.

Ode to a Bud-of-broccoli

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Broccoli bud, broccoli bud growing strong & big
broccoli bud, broccoli bud you started as a twig.
Broccoli bud, broccoli bud you’ll teach the kids so much
broccoli bud, broccoli bud so packed with vitamins and such.
Broccoli bud, broccoli bud thanks for brightening our day
broccoli bud, broccoli bud please don’t go away!

Okay, I’m definitely NOT a writer 🙂 The kids have loved watching our veggies sprout in the garden and I’ve enjoyed photographing them along the way! More to come….

Family Portraiture: Lucy Lu!

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

How adorable is Lucy? Love her! She always has a smile & something hilarious to say! She has sooo much personality for such a little one. Thanks for another great photo shoot! Your angel eyes own my heart!