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Great Dane Love! by Mindy Ravines Photography

Sunday, June 14th, 2015

Pet portraits are an excuse for me to play & cuddle with sweet things like this guy. My husband would kill me, but I would totally take him home with me….LOVE! I can’t wait to check in on Haus in one year….there’s no telling how HUGE he will be then!

Haus June 201503 Haus June 201505 Haus June 201508 Haus June 201513 Haus June 201515 Haus June 201516

Sunny!! Austin Boxer Rescue & Mindy Ravines Photography in Austin, TX

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

Sunny….being her adorable self!!!

Sunny 2014002 Sunny 2014011 Sunny 2014019 Sunny 2014024 Sunny 2014028 Sunny 2014032 Sunny 2014046 Sunny 2014054 Sunny 2014057

Lab-nation! Pet Portraits by Mindy Ravines Photography

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

I absolutely love the personalities of Labrador Retrievers! Sweet, loving, obedient, fun-loving, fast-paced-full-throttle loving-life dogs….throw in some water & they are over the top fun! A face that screams ‘Happiness!’ A tail that won’t quit!! Our black lab, Molly, once sprang her tail swimming in Lake Austin…..she used it like a boat rudder.  She was an amazing dog!! Black labs will always be my favorite because of ‘her’….last Sunday  I met “Maggie.” She’s adorable & her partner in crime, “Logan,” reminded me of Tucker…just a bit. Be warned…you *might* want a lab after viewing these photos….

logan & maggie007 logan & maggie010 logan & maggie013 logan & maggie017 logan & maggie019 logan & maggie028 logan & maggie035 logan & maggie037 logan & maggie057 logan & maggie063 logan & maggie069 logan & maggie073 logan & maggie096

Puppy portraits of Inawei by Mindy Ravines Photography

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

I am a dog girl. Cats just don’t do it for me. I’m not a fan of litter boxes & I would worry if my kitty got outside….dogs are just as playful as I am. That said, here’s Inawei, a good friend’s new puppy.

Pet portraits by Mindy Ravines Photography

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Meet Cuddles…she is a Maltese puppy. She is absolutely adorable. Too cute to not hold in your arms 247. Now…I want a puppy. I have issues….Sometimes I fall in love with my client’s pets…what can I say?! I’m a pet lover!!

Lordy LuLu is cuuute-y!

Friday, July 6th, 2012

Seems that most of my posts start out with ‘I have a friend.’ Truth is yes, I do have friends. And yes, a lot of my clients do become my friends. I’m a friendly like that.

That said…my friend Elizabeth let me play with her sweet puppy LuLu for a bit…she’s adorable! My kids would take her home with us in a heart beat! In fact my kids were with me when I took the photos of sweet LuLu…I almost lost my mind! There’s a reason ‘Bring Your Children To Work Day’ isn’t very often…you can’t get much work done with children around. They had a great time & till this day still think they ‘helped mom’ photograph LuLu.


Pet Portraits in Austin, TX

Friday, January 20th, 2012

All to often I hear about pets who are very well loved & soon to be missed. It’s a hard road to travel down, but one we all sign up for (those of us with pets). Most pet owners would say having them in our lives is enriching enough to endure the pain of good-bye. I agree. There’s a huge trend in photography…pet portraits.  Photographing pets at their various ‘stages’ of life. I’ve done a ton of puppy shoots & unfortunately quite a few ‘saying good-bye’ shoots. Here’s a sweet girl named Molly:

Meet Fern!

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Stalker…I felt like a stalker as I said, “You have an ADORABLE puppy! Could I photograph her? (as I thrust my business card in the man’s hand)” I’ve never been so bold as to approach someone on the street, but hey I was in my neighborhood. I approached a ‘neighbor’ as I was on my way home so technically I wasn’t stalking anyone. Fern is her name…which I love & automatically think of Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls. Which only makes me love Fern more! The owners of the most adorable puppy were so wonderful to meet with me & allow me to play/photograph their sweet baby girl. Thank you!

Pet portraits by Mindy Ravines Photography

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

All to often we have to say good bye to one of our four legged friends. As a way to ‘freeze a perfect moment in time’ I met this wonderful family to photograph Breeze.

While photographing Breeze I learned that THIS family has a lot of pets….a dog or 2 or 3 & miniature horses. Their personalities lightened the mood & I got some funny shots. Enjoy!

Pet portraits & iPhone camera use….

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

I’ve heard a lot of hype over iPhone cameras & how it will change photography….personally having an iPhone handy 24/7 definitely makes photography a constant thought or opportunity if you will for anyone who opts to use it. Change photography…I don’t think so. I use my iPhone camera all. the. time. because hauling around a high dollar camera with my many lens options isn’t smart/safe for my clients who expect the best of me and my equipment. I have printed some of my iPhone photos for family (a photo of me & my daughter w/a ‘Mater’ look-a-like in Oklahoma was a ‘can’t miss’ photo op-that my Grandma who is in a nursing home will never have the opportunity to see for herself). The truth is a photo taken with an iPhone (or other phone camera) can never measure up to the quality of a professional photographer selecting the best lighting & mix of SS/ISO/aperture. That said…my grandma will treasure her iPhone photo of me & Lola forever! On a side note…frequent use of your iPhone camera will totally sharpen your composition skills-which is an area most people wish to improve anyway…it’s a win/win situation!


Here are some pet portraits….can you spot the photo taken with my iPhone? Horrible quality (extreme low light situation), but sweet eyes & moment captured  none-the-less.