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Sweet dreams sweet Camilla! Newborn portraits by Mindy Ravines Photography

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Camilla=perfection! She is such an amazing newborn! Adorable, great hair & just simply the sweetest thing! I could have stayed & snuggled all day…she was so sleepy & content with her new home. I love the way L & L decorated…they brought class into the nursery & made it so chic! Great since of style from the beginning-watch out world! Here are my faves….who doesn’t love a sweet daddy cuddling his baby girl?!?!?!

Newborn portraits: Ian welcomes baby Caleb to the family!

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Ahhhh newborns…so sweet, warm, and cuddly.  Photographing new babies is so great. Photographing new big brothers is kinda-great-too. Ian is now a ‘big brother.’ He is going to make a great companion. He will teach Caleb everything from how to climb a tree to blaming the family dog, Otis, for strange smells in the house.  Don’t worry about Otis because he will get payment-a-plenty via goldfish & cheerios.  Becky and Adam are a cute couple that will be ready for anything Ian, Caleb or even Otis can dish out! Here are a few of my faves taken at their house here in gorgeous Austin, TX.


Newborn Portraits in Round Rock, TX by Mindy Ravines Photography

Friday, October 14th, 2011

The joy of photographing a newborn is so amazing. It immediately takes me back to the days when my babies  were born. In my opinion, newborn portraits should be a part of every parent’s birth plan. The newborn days pass so fast…often times in a haze of sleepless nights. Having those images to look back on helps us savor those wonderful days, sweet faces, little coos….memories we never want to lose. My children are older now & love to see the millions of photos & videos I’ve created over the years. What a wonderful life! Welcome to Austin, TX Aiden!

Family portraits at South Padre Island

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

Trying to coordinate family photos while on vacation can be difficult…unless your photographer is in your family. Then it’s a win/win situation! Spending time with this crew is always so much fun…there’s all of the homemade meals (even the late night quesadillas are to die for!), family game time (love), sneaking away from the kids for an adult movie (yay me!)…AND the teenagers are the best teenagers ever. Never any ‘rolling of the eye’ kind of teenager behavior that I used to dish out…I hope & pray that my children are THIS well behaved as teenagers (what are the chances?!).  This year there was a new addition…Mallory. She was 4 weeks old & passed around from female to female the entire time! She was quite content & each female got a turn hugging & cuddling with the sweet newborn-ness that is Mallory=heaven. Here’s a few including newborn portraits of sweet thang!