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Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

I have to admit there were a few surprises…like not feeling the need to empty my bladder although the need was present…nerve blocks are crazy! The surprise of finding the right drug to keep me pain free yet not puking my guts out–that was fun! Who knew what an issue that could be?! The blood thinner shots in the belly were not the most fun…however after the 7th day Nick was turning into quite the pro on administering them. I also thought I would never say ‘I regret having the surgery.’ BUT the second day in the hospital I did find myself uttering those exact words! Now, 3 months post op, I know I made the right decision!

Knee replacement surgery (before)

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

After twenty years of dealing with a degenerative joint disease it was time for the unthinkable at the age of 36…total knee replacement. As a professional photographer and mother of 2 I could no longer get by with the every day pain. The date was set…and off I went to voluntarily turn myself in for a series of torturous events like nerve block tubes in front & back of the leg to be operated on, removal of the ‘bad’ joint & the never ending array of tools used to cut/drill/restore my new joint. My husband used to say ‘I love chicks with scars!’ As of March 9th of 2009 I would the coolest chick ever with my new 7″ scar!