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Baby Ian!

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Many, many years ago I worked for a company called Trilogy here in Austin, TX. We had some good times at Trilogy….I met some amazing people while working there. Some of the brightest minds in the software industry…folks from MIT, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon & the list goes on & on! I met Becky while working at Trilogy & we clicked immediately. She is so laid back and real that I just loved her. Although I’m sure I never told her that because that would mean I’d have to ‘come out of my shell’ a bit & God forbid-right? We both have families now & have long said good bye to Trilogy. Thank goodness for things like Facebook to reconnect old friends! Becky & I reconnected and she told me she wanted to get some photos of baby Ian before he started college (I’m already wondering where he’ll go?? Michigan like Becky? Where did Adam go to college? Maybe UT?–He’s only 6mths old!) anywho, I had such a great time meeting Adam & Ian (in their home) AND I even had the pleasure of meeting their 1st 2 babies (four legged friends). Here’s a sampling of our time together.