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Executive Portraits in Austin, TX

Monday, October 17th, 2011

There’s been a huge trend in Executive Portraits combined with a personal flare. Several individuals have contacted me for their business needs, but then also added ‘could we take a few casual shots for my social networking sites as well?’ Of course we can!!! How many of you are guilty of taking a snapshot of yourself with your iphone & uploaded it as your profile pic? I’ve seen a million & one on my Facebook page. Which-by the way-is totally fine! Personally I prefer a more professional look. The clarity of the photo & the ‘at ease’ look of the subject is perfection!

Headshots for an ‘executive’ type guy/good friend

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Derick contacted me because he is going to be highlighted in a magazine for his corporate knowledge, know-how, prowess if you will…I was happy to oblige! One executive takes seriously 5 minutes to photograph. Especially if it’s someone the executive knows & feels comfortable with (we go back many years)…Derick’s wife & I are great friends AND I’ve had the honor of photographing their entire family. Take a look at some of my favorites from Derick’s executive portraits.


Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

today i shot some executive portraits and had a great time. i love getting to know new people in different phases of their lives/professions. the photos turned out amazing & i made two of the ladies feel like models–beautiful on the inside & out-love it!!