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Young love in Zilker Park….by Mindy Ravines Photography

Sunday, March 20th, 2016

A wonderful teacher friend of mine contacted me regarding her daughter’s recent engagement. I was honored. Without mentioning any names…I’m wondering if anyone will figure out which teacher friend of mine contacted me…she looks just like her momma! Beautiful inside and out. I couldn’t be happier for these two! The day of our shoot it was the ONLY cold and abnormally windy day in Austin’s mild winter. They were troopers. Here are my favorites:

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Engagement portraits in Austin, TX by Mindy Ravines Photography

Sunday, September 1st, 2013

Young love…it’s so sweet, refreshing isn’t it?! In my mind I hear The Judds singing ‘Young Love.’ Old song…but so sweet & perfect for this young couple. They were oooooozing with love. They were so shy & sweet with each other. It was precious! I learned a lot during this portrait session. Our heros who fight for us aren’t allowed to display any affection for their loved ones while in uniform. I think we captured sweet shots without making young Airman Green compromise his standards while in uniform. Isn’t there something special about a man in uniform? So handsome! How cute is her T-shirt?!?!? Take a look 😀 mason_001 mason_014 mason_046 mason_071 mason_080 mason_095 mason_099 mason_126 mason_134 mason_141 mason_149 mason_152mason_121

Cute shirt right?!?!

Cute shirt right?!?!


Judy & Gene’s engagement portraits at Green Pastures in Austin, TX

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

Judy & Gene’s love affair started 9 years ago….you’d never know it if you saw them today 😀 They are as much in love today as the day they met sooooooooo many years ago.  We met at Green Pastures for their engagement shoot & had a great time! There are so many fun backdrops to choose from at Green Pastures-here’s a few:

Engagement photos in Austin, TX & ‘Play me, I’m yours’

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

I met Holly & Michael at the Austin Bridal Extravaganza in January of this year. Ya know how you just ‘click’ with some people? We clicked. They are a very laid back couple (which I love!). Holly had a lot of great ideas for where we should begin shooting. Let me say there was a rEgGaE festival going on in the background so we had good ‘mood setting’ music. Holly & Michael will get a kick out that! AND the ‘Play me, I’m yours’ pianos were the perfect *accoutrement* for the day. If you love music, pianos, or just want some fun artistic shots around downtown Austin you have around a week left before the pianos move on to another amazing city.

Google: Art Alliance Austin (you’re welcome)

Thank goodness they both love weeping willow trees as much as I do…those were some of my favorite shots!


Engagement Photos in Austin, TX

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Naomi & Cole were brave enough to hop into my ride & endure my trekking across Austin. I was on my best ‘driving behavior’ with them 😀 I’m not the best driver, but at least they didn’t see me at my worst! We had a chilly start to the morning…the photos don’t suggest a hint of freezing your booty off (which we were). They were troopers. Cole was the ultimate trooper! He helped me navigate from one location to the next (not sure why I didn’t use my GPS…not enough coffee that morning?).  Confession: I’ve always been directionally challenged. People seem to forgive me of this & love me anyway (thank goodness!).  They are both in an amazing profession (I’m not giving away too much here), but personally I think Naomi should be a model. Isn’t she beautiful?! Cole-you are equally handsome 😀 The engagement photos have been done & the slide show presentation for the rehearsal dinner is in the works. Next on the list: bridal portraits in April-can’t wait!!