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Bridal portraits & Mr. Ed?! Nope it’s Todd!!

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

As of Saturday November 26th Holly is married!!! Finally I get to blog about her bridal portrait session–yay!

I met Holly at the Austin Bridal Extravaganza last January. She & Michael came by to discuss my photography services & style of photography. I *hoped* they would contact me again & book me for their wedding….they did. I was thrilled!! They are a magical couple. They met in high school & have a wonderful music background (I can’t say more because I can’t ruin my wedding blog for them).  Their engagement portraits worked out perfectly for the Austin ‘Play me I’m yours’ tour. Check out my engagement portraits to see how great those turned out-the pianos were so great!

Holly grew up with horses & wanted her bridal portrait session to include a horse. I was so excited & worried….where will I find a horse? The magic of Facebook answered this question for me! Will her dress get dirty or worse….damaged? Not a chance-I was overly cautious with sheets/blankets,  Holly’s sister was an amazing assistant, & Todd’s owner was such great help!! What if the horse gets spooked by the gorgeously long train of her wedding dress? Nope….Todd was such a gentleman! I won’t use the name of the amazing owner of Todd, but I am forever indebted to her for working with us! How gorgeous is Todd? He is so big & gentle-a true ‘gentle giant!’ As promised I brought treats (apples & oranges) for Todd & his brother to share. Todd was thrilled & I was amazed how quickly he devoured one apple (he had extras to enjoy each day after-he deserved each one!).  A sight to see! I plan on visiting Todd again with more treats because he now holds a special place in my heart-such an amazing horse!! Thanks again to all who assisted! XOXO


Bridal Portraits in Austin, TX

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

I have been wanting to blog about this shoot since….the day of the shoot (about a month ago). BUT I had to wait until the wedding of course. Cole had not seen the dress, etc. etc. The wedding was this past Saturday and it was amazing! Photos of the wedding to come….they were such a fun group of people to be around!!

Back to the bridal session…we narrowed down a few location options & away we went. Naomi is a *beautiful* young lady. I’m absolutely positive that there are no bad photos taken of Naomi…ever. Naomi & I and settled on a nice stretch of railroad, Mt. Bonnell and Mayfield Park. Enjoy & let me know what you think.