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Family Portraits in Cedar Park, Texas by Mindy Ravines Photography

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

OMG…I’m horrible at blogging. Truth is I typically like to wait until after the holidays to blog about a holiday session as I don’t want to ruin someone’s Christmas surprise (family portraits to a loved one I’m friends with on social media or….their holiday card image is released before the holiday cards are even mailed to their loved ones-deep gasp!!! NOT ON MY WATCH). Needless to say these are oldies, but goodies! I <<LOVE>> this family…their souls are warm and loving, playful parents bring out the best in their kids during a portrait session (proof below), and look at them…they are a beautiful couple with beautiful babies! XOXO



#joy #findyourjoy #findyourhappyplace

Saturday, December 30th, 2017

It’s a huge compliment to have your ‘regular’ clients. It’s an honor really because seeing those genuinely happy faces fills my heart with joy. Joy. Fill your life with joy. Find your joy.


North Oaks Preschool Graduation Portraits by Mindy Ravines Photography

Monday, January 16th, 2017

The preschool age is the one of my favorite ages to photograph. Their expressions are natural, honest, and almost edible. Makes me want to have just *one*more*baby!

northoaks69 northoaks70 northoaks71 northoaks72 northoaks73 northoaks74 northoaks75



Portraits of the boys at Rattan Creek Park by Mindy Ravines Photography

Thursday, December 29th, 2016

I’m soooooo behind in blogging. Seriously….behind.


Here’s some great boys I’ve known for years. I’m so proud to see them grow up into great young men! enjoy!

monica01 monica07 monica14 monica19 monica23 monica29 monica35

Central Park by Mindy Ravines Photography

Sunday, August 9th, 2015

Central Park is picture perfect. Everywhere you look there’s beauty: bridges/tunnels, ‘Imagine’ tribute to John Lennon, Bethesda Terrace & Fountain, Statues like: Alice in Wonderland & Bolt, Tavern on the Green…you could literally spend a few days enjoying the park. Spring & Fall have got to be the best times ever in New York City…wait what about the lighting of the Rockefeller Christmas tree? I MUST SEE EVERY SEASON IN NEW YORK CITY. Thank you Joyce for introducing me to this wonderful city!

DSC_0046_2671 DSC_0051_2676g DSC_0055_2680 DSC_0058_2683

My girls!

My girls!

DSC_0062_2687 DSC_0064_2689 DSC_0066_2691 DSC_0069_2694 DSC_0071_2696h DSC_0084_2709

Sunny days in the city

Sunny days in the city


Where's Waldo?

Where’s Waldo?


Picture perfect!

Picture perfect!

DSC_0102_2727k DSC_0109_2734 DSC_0111_2736 DSC_0116_2741

Nice landing bird!

Nice landing bird!


Tourist time in NYC by Mindy Ravines Photography

Sunday, August 9th, 2015
At Tavern on the Green-the food was heaven!

At Tavern on the Green-the food was heaven!

Poor guy!!

Poor guy!!

The Naked Cowboy

The Naked Cowboy

Tell me it doesn't look like I'm wearing a 2T. I dare you!

Tell me it doesn’t look like I’m wearing a 2T. I dare you!



Yes, we did a bus tour of the city….I highly recommend it for getting a great night view of the city lights. My first taste of the city was breathtaking! We got off of our plane, unloaded our luggage at our hotel & hit the streets. First week in June & it was chilly at night! Here are a few of our adventures from: The Brooklyn Tabernacle Where I sat next to a regular attendee ‘Catherine.’ She reminded me so much of my grandma, Evelyn. We hugged good-bye. The ‘greeter’ at Tiffany’s was TO DIE FOR! His eyes were Tiffany’s blue. Times Square’s ‘Naked Cowoby’ nothankyouverymuch. Scrumptious food from Carmine’s….And much, much more….


The photo of me…sporting my Yankees hat (much love to the Yankees) & my ‘Live with Kelly & Michael’ t-shirt….I’m wearing an adult’s medium…totally looks like a 2T…<oy>

DSC_0004_2784 DSC_0007_2787 DSC_0010_2790 DSC_0030_2810 DSC_0150_2775 DSC_0153_2778 DSC_0158_2596 DSC_0166_2604 DSC_0167_2605 DSC_0170_2608 DSC_0174_2612 DSC_0179_2617 DSC_0182_2620j DSC_0185_2623 DSC_0307_2592 kelly michael51 kelly michael52 kelly michael53 kelly michael55 kelly michael56 kelly michael57 kelly michael58 kelly michael65 kelly michael79 kelly michael84 ny catholic00 NY june 201533d ny06 ny25 ny34 ny35 ny36 ny43 ny45 ny47 ny52 ny58

9/11 Memorial by Mindy Ravines Photography

Sunday, July 12th, 2015

The rush of emotions was overwhelming…visiting the 9/11 Memorial, St. Paul’s Chapel, and the Twin Reflecting Pools. We spent 3-4 hours there-Our hearts ached. We were all affected by the actions of others that day (both positive & negative). Our lives are forever changed.

DSC_0220_2505 DSC_0228_2513 DSC_0230_2515 DSC_0232_2517 DSC_0236_2521 DSC_0237_2522h DSC_0243_2528 DSC_0244_2529 DSC_0250_2535h DSC_0256_2541 DSC_0258_2543 DSC_0259_2544 DSC_0260_2545 DSC_0261_2546 DSC_0263_2548 DSC_0266_2551 DSC_0269_2554 DSC_0271_2556 DSC_0272_2557 DSC_0275_2560 DSC_0276_2561 DSC_0279_2564 DSC_0283_2568 DSC_0287_2572d DSC_0288_2573 DSC_0300_2585 DSC_0302_2587 DSC_0305_2590 ny08 ny09 ny10 ny15 ny16


The Empire State Building by Mindy Ravines Photography

Saturday, July 11th, 2015

Majestic views of the city! We went around 11pm & had the best views/no lines to wait in (Joyce is the ultimate tour guide!!)….plus the lights of the city are absolutely amazing. Lola LOVES King Kong so I had to oblige her with a ‘mom was here’ photo. Thanks for not judging.

DSC_0186_2624 DSC_0190_2628 DSC_0191_2629 DSC_0193_2631 DSC_0198_2636 DSC_0201_2639 DSC_0203_2641 DSC_0206_2644 DSC_0210_2648 DSC_0212_2650 DSC_0215_2653 kelly michael62 kelly michael63 kelly michael64 ny17 ny18

Selecting an outdoor portrait location: by Mindy Ravines

Monday, August 4th, 2014

First rule of ‘Fight Club’…..oops!

Establishing an outdoor portrait location is the first thing on my ‘to-do’ list. Typically, the family is thinking ‘What will we wear?!?’ I like to determine the best ‘location’ look for the family based on what interests them.  This family knows me & I know them so it’s always easy finding a good fit ‘portrait backdrop wise.’ Monica had a few suggestions too (which I LOVE–I had no idea there’s a South Austin woman who painted her fence with cool Octopi Arms + a spaghetti monster!).  The boys loved it!!

My favorite location was the infamous ‘Hi, How are you?’ wall in Austin, TX. I LOVE the fact that Addison assumed the frog position…the imagination of a child is absolutely priceless! I find moments like that when a child feels comfortable to play & pose himself/herself the most rewarding for me!

Enjoy! XOXO

monica001 monica005 monica008 monica011 monica013 monica019 monica024 monica027 monica028 monica034 monica043 monica046 monica048 monica064 monica078 monica079 monica086



Mindy Ravines Photography visits Yellowstone National Park

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

The trip was amazing: white water rafting (in Jackson Hole), horseback riding in the mountains of Victor, Idaho, a private tour of Yellowstone, coffee in the morning mountain air & fun games with loved ones. If your family hasn’t played Ellen Degeneres’ new game “Head’s Up” you need to. Immediately. Wait….if your family isn’t overly expressive…or doesn’t laugh out loud & come *this close* to an adult accident…don’t play! We had a blast! I wish I had ‘Rick’s’ dancing moment on video….oh my gosh….it will forever live in my mine, but OHHHHHH how I want to share that moment with you right now.

The memories we made will last  a life time! There was even a brief snowball fight….bison hair…elk crossing…good times! We did have the extreme joy/thrill of seeing a grizzly bear—the park ranger was present to ensure I didn’t take a step closer…I was drawn to him (gorgeous, fascinating creature—not the park ranger). I was enthralled with its beauty. Don’t get me wrong….we did have bear spray. Don’t go into a bear’s home base without it. You are a visitor in his/her world. Miguel Gaviria was our guide (through Alltrans/Graylin Yellowstone Park Tours) & I can not say enough about him. His knowledge & enthusiasm kept kids (ages 9-17) on the edge of their seats for 10 hours. The stories he told us were amazing…inside stores about bear attacks, the Yellowstone fires & the geysers. My IQ increased by simply knowing Miguel.

Take a look at our pics & let me know what you think….xoxo, Mindy!

HILARY-2PM-JUNE23-BEW (6) Horseback trip 05 Horseback trip 09 Horseback trip 13 Horseback trip 17

Photo credit: Max Ravines

Photo credit: Max Ravines

Horseback trip 22 Horseback trip 31 snake3 victor id00 victor id03 victor id06 victor id10 victor id54 victor id56 victor id59 victor id64 victor id79 victor id95 victor id96 Victor Idaho June 201402 yellowstone & wildlife12 yellowstone & wildlife13 yellowstone & wildlife19 yellowstone & wildlife21 yellowstone & wildlife23 yellowstone & wildlife25 yellowstone & wildlife26 yellowstone & wildlife27 yellowstone & wildlife29 yellowstone & wildlife32 yellowstone & wildlife33 yellowstone & wildlife35 yellowstone & wildlife42 yellowstone & wildlife46 yellowstone & wildlife53 yellowstone & wildlife59 yellowstone & wildlife60 yellowstone & wildlife61 yellowstone & wildlife62 yellowstone & wildlife63 yellowstone & wildlife66 yellowstone & wildlife67 yellowstone & wildlife68 yellowstone & wildlife69 yellowstone & wildlife77 yellowstone & wildlife78 (1) yellowstone & wildlife79 (1) yellowstone & wildlife81 yellowstone & wildlife84 yellowstone02 yellowstone05 yellowstone09 yellowstone10 yellowstone14 yellowstone17 yellowstone20 yellowstone25 yellowstone32 yellowstone36 yellowstone40 yellowstone41 yellowstone83 yellowstone86 yellowstone87 yellowstone90 yellowstone96 yellowstone97