A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E Camilla!!! by Mindy Ravines Photography

In North Austin there is an adorable family with their first born, Camilla. She is so full of wonderful expressions! Each shot warms my heart. She is beyond adorable….the kind of cuteness that makes a momma want ‘one more baby!’ I could spend hours photographing her supreme cuteness. The outfits…”I <heart> Santa” is perfection. Mom just so happens to have a red chair in her living room that we used to show off Camilla’s new ‘look mom! I can sit by myself’ skills.

Babies make my world go around…each day there is new cuteness to record. Don’t take these days for granted! They pass too quickly! If you can’t afford a professional photographer you must use any camera you can get your hands on to record each amazing phase. You can even use your iPhone! Keep in mind you can typically only print a 4×6 (to get a decent picture with no grain-I’m sure that will change soon with the advances in phone/camera techology). Your little one will love looking back & seeing just how much you adored each and every day with your bundle. XOXO

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