Family Portraits

As an Austin, Texas family photographer capturing joyful family moments is so incredibly rewarding for me! Whether in a beautiful outdoor setting, a more formal indoor studio setting, or in the comforts of your own home having everyone together for a family portrait is something you’ll treasure for a lifetime. When mom hands the camera over to a professional photographer not only does she get the chance to play the 'leading lady' role in the photos, but she also gets the opportunity to display her life's masterpiece.

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Children Portraits

I’ve embraced the opportunity to assist friends & family with capturing their big moments in photos. Seizing the emotion and beauty of every day keeps these special moments alive. Baby portraits made at various stages of growth are great for the entire family to enjoy. Capturing the innocence of youth in an outdoor setting also makes for wonderful portraits. I enjoy letting the little ones guide the photography session which usually provides for an amazing outcome and beautiful photos.

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Wedding and Bridal Portraits

Weddings always make me think of one of my favorite movies of all time, 'When Harry Met Sally.' I love hearing the interviews of the they met & how their love story unfolded. Who doesn't love a good love story?! There's nothing more powerful than telling that story with a great photograph. Photography is my passion, my creative outlet.

The way I view the happy couple says it all. Enjoy my photo gallery & let's meet to discuss your wedding plans.

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Pet Portraits

Our pets play such an integral part of our daily lives. A sweet smile to welcome us home, a look that says ‘let’s play fetch NOW,’ or just enjoying some family time in the pool. Without saying a word their expressions say so much! Pet portraits capture the personality that is the essence of your ‘extended family.’ 

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