Professional Photographer Mindy Ravines

Over 23 years ago I moved to Austin, TX from my birthplace, Fort Worth. I have always been a ‘student of people.’ Obtaining my BA in English and Psychology with my teaching certification ensured that I would continue my ‘studies.’ However, the artistic side of me kept reaching for something different. I’ve always enjoyed being behind the camera and after having a family of my own I began photographing our lives together. After receiving rave reviews of digital photographs of our trips out of the country, my children lovingly embracing each other, capturing the lively spirit of Molly, our Labrador Retriever, playing fetch I started getting requests from friends to do family portraits. I’ve loved every chance to study family dynamics and provide a life time of smiles with the finished product I deliver.

My approach to family portraits is a simple, honest approach at capturing families as they interact together. I work to photograph emotions as they occur naturally. With children’s portraits, I’ve had several clients state that I have a calming affect with children…could be that I’m still a bit of a child myself. Photography has brought me so much joy and enthusiasm for capturing all that life has to offer. Passing that joy on to others through the world of photography is an enriching life experience. And when I’m not working on portraits, I’m still photographing the world around me, finding art in everyday life and capturing those moments as artistic photos. I’ve also had the opportunity to do executive portraits for companies, commercial photography, senior portraits, headshots as well as photograph special events for companies in Austin, Texas.

If you have an interesting photographic opportunity contact me and we’ll discuss your needs.

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